Greetings Denita user, we have prepared a step by step guidance for use Screenshot Tool. And we hope this tutorial will be really useful and will help you to understand how to use every single feature of our app!


How to take a screenshot?

You can take a screenshot by hitting “Prtint Screen” button on your keyboard (or use another way to take the screenshot depending on your device model). When you took the screenshot of everything that is currently displayed on your screen is getting stored in the clipboard of your device.

After screenshot is taken you should do is just to start the app (if it is not already launched). ScreenShot Tool will find the latest taken screenshot automatically and will offer you to start working on the picture.

If you take a wrong screenshot by accident and would like to take another one you just need to press “No” in the pop up window as in the picture below.

If you want to save a screenshot without making any changes or continue to work with this picture to add notes, you should press “Yes”.

You can also use Browse button to add any image from your device and edit it.

In gallery you can find all images used in ScreenShot Tool before.


Editing options.


1) Hand to move your picture (this tool does not make any changes inside of your picture).

2)Pencil to draw whatever you want in the picture.

3)Line to draw an absolutely straight lines.

4)Arrow to indicate the places on an image via arrows.

5)Recognize Text tool to recognize and and transform text you are drawing into typed in text.

6)Text tool to add text notes on the image.

7)Rectangle to draw rectangular and square shapes.

8)Circle to draw to draw circles, ovals, ellipses.

9)Numbers to enumerate the necessary elements on the screenshot in order.

(2-9) You can choose the color, change the thickness and transparency using the sliders, indicated by the yellow arrows.

10)Blur tool to put a blur effect on a selected area.

11)Eyedropper tool to copy color from any area in the picture.


12)Filled button allows to choose if the added shape will be fully filled with color or just outline.


13)Undo to cancel the latest change you have made (ctrl+z).

14) Use this button you can do the following:

  • just save the image to you device (ctrl+s)
  • share image (ctrl+h)
  • copy image to clipboard (ctrl+c)
  • print (ctrl+p)
  • share with Google Drive (ctrl+d)

After saving images in ScreenShot Tool you can find them on you device in a local folder Pictures. App will create the folder ScreenShot Tool there.


The button with three dots as shown on the screenshot below opens a window where you can:

- Refresh the image;

- Get information about other Denita Global products;

- Go to the Windows Store to add Rate and Review for the app;

- Contact Denita Global support team;

- Get the guidance on the use of Cortana voice commands;

- See the current app version.


We hope this instructions will help you to use ScreenShot Tool without any difficulties.
If you need more information, just let us know. Our e-mail is

Enjoy using!

Yours sincerely,

Support Team of Denita Global

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